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Money & Life Coach

Mary Patsel

4415 Harrison Street N.W.

Washington DC 20015




In the current economy, it is more important now then ever to be aware of your relationship with money and create financial security. Mary Patsel can provide you the direction you need to find the path of financial freedom. Mary is a business woman with 15+ years of experience in coaching people back to financial health. Mary has worked with clients who's income range from $10,000 to over $2 million plus per year. She supports her clients seeing the true cost of things, and helps them make better money choices for their life. Mary will work with you in a non-judgmental and respectful environment to identify your challenges, establish priorities, set workable goals, and create your action plan to reach financial security, stability, and growth. Personal and financial freedom is a path of choice and practice.



Emily M. Brown


1600 Wilson Blvd.

Suite 702

Arlington, Va 22209

703 528-3900



Lisa Snipper MSW,LCSW

11250 Roger Bacon Drive

Suite 6

Reston, Virginia 20190



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Growth, Hope and Happiness....these three things help individuals, couples and families stay connected and feel good.......Lisa Snipper, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is guided by these principles in her practice, and works with every client to help them see the strengths within themselves in order to promote growth and change.    She has built her private practice with the belief that within each person are the resources to grow and change, and she believes the answers lie within. She has spent the past 10 years working with children, adolescents and adults providing individual, family and couples counseling. She helps her clients find strength, new solutions and ways to work through daily struggles even when it doesn’t feel possible. She approaches every client with positive regard, compassion and understanding.


Mediator - Parenting Coordinator

John Hurst

4024 N. Woodstock Street

Arlington, Virginia 22207



Family Mediation is the only mediation I do. Separation, Reconciliation, Divorce, Parent - Teen, these are all family mediation situations. Coming from a successful corporate background drives John’s belief that effort means little, but results are what count. John specializes in high conflict, hard to resolve mediation. The mediation that most mediators shy away from. With over 12 years of family mediation and parenting coordination and working with hundreds of families, John has the skills to help people resolve issues that others saw impossible.