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It’s not JUST a divorce  -

It is one of the biggest and most

difficult changes in your life.

Can Counseling Help?

Counseling and Therapy can provide you with practical help and emotional support as you move through this difficult process.

It is going to be one of the biggest and most difficult life changes : changes in living arrangements, finances, parenting and more. It means managing your own household by yourself and developing new routines. It means not having your spouse and possibly your children not living with you. It may mean your children are with you only “part-time”. Loneliness creeps in as grieving and letting go of your hopes, your dreams, and your desires for your marriage.

What if only one of you wants a divorce?

Unfortunately, it probably means the marriage is over. A counselor can provide emotional support for the spouse being left and can help express their pain or guilt about the ending of the marriage.

What if both of you wants a divorce?

Counseling can help the couple understand what to expect from the process of separating. What plans they need to make and what pitfall to avoid. The counselor provides emotional support for both spouses as they pass through the divorce process.

Friends and Family helping during the Crisis.

In the separation and crisis phase of divorce, friends and family might want to provide support and encouragment - but many times they end up disappearing - for fear they will get caught up in the hostilities. Other times they take sides or pass judgment, creating more pain and conflict. And other times they offer true support, which is what you need.

“Old unresolved baggage” often rears it’s head during divorce. It is important to address these issues so you don’t get stuck in the grief phase or play out the issues in a high-conflict divorce. The support and practical help offered in therapy is very helpful during the separation and divorce.

So, should I see a therapist now ?


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