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Even seemingly simple steps can have negative consequences

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When separation or divorce is in the offing, you should be fully informed before you take any steps. Even seemingly simple steps can have negative consequences if you’re not informed.

Divorce consultation is a brief process that gives you an overview of the many aspects of the separation and divorce process, helps you determine what types of services you may want to use, and outlines the decisions that you will need to make. Divorce consultation can also provide you with research data regarding children and divorce and point you toward useful books for yourself and your children.

Individuals, couples, and parents can use divorce consultation to explore what their next steps might be. Grandparents sometimes use divorce consultation in order to understand how to help their children and grandchildren who are caught in a difficult divorce.

Despite a common core, when it comes to divorce, one-size-fits-all doesn’t fit. Each type of divorce has characteristic problems that require specific interventions. We can help you identify the problem areas in your particular situation and refer you to suitable resources.