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One size does not fit all families.

Developing an Effective

Parenting Plan

Understanding the most recent

Empirical Child Development and Parenting Research is but only one hurdle in creating a plan.

So, what is the “Best Interest of the Child”.

We all claim that “saying”, but does anyone really know. Or is it just “my” best interest.

It is not uncommon for two parents to have two completely different ideas of what is “best” for the children. Not surprisingly, usually their idea of the best interest fits neatly into their plan that works best for them - the parent.  Although both parents dearly love their children, they, many times have little to no factual information what really is best for their new divorced family.

The “Best Interest” is a really subjective target. It is amazing, even in the Courts, how ten different  Judges, all seeking the best interest of the children, can come to ten different conclusions. How can that be. Well, hopefully what ten Judges think doesn’t matter, if only the two parents can come to an agreement on what they will do for their children.

The Best Parent - One truth that has come from virtually all published reliable Divorce Research is that the best parent is - both parents, unless a major impediment to parenting exists. The object of a good parenting plan after divorce does six basic tasks - Maximizes the relationships with both parents, minimizes the losses for the children, promotes security and stability, reduces exposure to conflict, considers the strengths and weakness of each parent, and considers the age and developmental needs of the children.

A Parenting Plan Consultant is a professional that has in-depth knowledge of the most recent empirical child development and divorce research, lengthy experience working with families in separation and divorce , a healthy prejudice for the children’s position, and no bias or alignment with either parent. Every family is unique and deserves to have the professional advice to guide them in building, implementing and fulfilling a custody and parenting plan that meets their children’s needs and their family circumstances.

Parenting Plan Consultant

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