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Helping Implement Custody Plans

The Parenting Coordinator

Successfully facilitating long-term

co-parenting plans in a

conflict-ridden divorced family

The scenario is all too familiar.

Both parents are zealously convinced they are fighting for the children “best interest”. But in an atmosphere of constant conflict, neither parent recognizes the children are being pulled apart.

Legal custody agreements may be negotiated by attorneys, formulated by mediators, or Ordered by a Judge. What cannot be mandated, however, is the parent’s ability to carry out these arrangements in a way that minimizes their children’s exposure to conflict.

Research has shown that the level and intensity of parental conflict is the most influential factor in children’s post-divorce adjustment. High conflict between parents is the single greatest predictor of a child's poor outcome.   

                                              - Yet it is the one factor that the parents can most control.

Why a Parenting Coordinator  

Divorce is not a

one-time event, but rather a continued process.

When a Parenting Coordinator

Half of all divorcing couples

in moderate to high conflict will still be clashing three

to four years later.

What is Parenting Coordination

Parents rarely move from conflictual to cooperative behavior - without first going through a step of disengagement.

Parenting Coordinator

John Hurst

4024 N. Woodstock Street

Arlington, Virginia 22207



Who is a Parenting Coordinator

Not an authority in just one, a parenting coordinator possesses realistic insight, experience and knowledge in several disciplines