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Reality is - few divorces are peaceful -

and for those, they work it out on their own

- for everyone else there is

Divorce Mediation

Contentious does not mean litigious.

Lets start with the basics.....

Mediation is the process of cooperatively resolving issues in a divorce with the assistance of neutral experts in the field, rather than the two-lawyer adversary/litigation process. There are several mediation types or styles but they all have a few things in common.......

  1.    They are all a confidential process

  2.    They are all a voluntary process

  3.    You are in control of the outcome and solution

But after that, the style or types of Mediation vary greatly.

Facilitative Mediation is based
on the belief that, with neutral assistance, people can work through and resolve their own conflicts. In a facilitative style, the mediator will take an active role in controlling the "process." Process means things like setting the ground rules for how the problem will be solved. The mediator asks questions to identify the interests of the parties and the real issues in the disagreement. He searches for underlying interests and helps find and analyze options for resolution.. The mediator helps the parties explore solutions that benefit both parties (sometimes called "win/win" solutions). In a facilitative mediation, the mediator does not offer an opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the parties' cases or an opinion about the outcome . Facilitative allows the disputing parties to maintain control over most of the mediation process.  With this style, the emphasis lies on making sure the disputing parties come to an agreement on their own. Facilitative mediation gives you maximum control over the outcome. The mediator's role is limited to ensuring that all relevant information is exchanged and as many options for settlement are explored. The mediator may suggest solutions if you and the other spouse seem to be stuck over an issue.