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Reality is - few divorces are peaceful -

and for those, they work it out on their own

- for everyone else there is

Divorce Mediation

Contentious does not mean litigious.

Mediation does not require that you trust,

believe, agree, or frankly, even like your spouse.

The reality is - few divorces are peaceful, in fact most are contentious. Few spouses like, believe or even trust the other spouse - and that is all normal. But just because you disagree, dislike, and believe it is impossible to get your spouse to do what is right, it doesn’t mean you have to go to Court. Divorce Mediation is a much better alternative.

There is plenty on the Internet selling the virtues of mediation and explaining why it works and what it is all about. If you are already here on this website, you probably know pretty much what mediation is. There is no need for us to repeat all of that here. If you don’t know about divorce mediation, please visit this link

What we will explain here is, the different types of divorce mediation, how to prepare, what to expect, and the topics you will probably discuss in mediation.




Many divorcing people go into mediation with

unrealistic expectations.

Don’t walk in cold to your first mediation session. The key to success of Divorce Mediation is for you to be prepared. Not only does it mean to have documents like tax returns, mortgage and bank statements, but more importantly to be emotionally prepared. Mediation will be emotionally very draining. Probably

Divorce mediation deals with primary and secondary issues.

The primary issues are custody and parenting arrangements, financial and property settlement issues sometimes called a PSA and on going spousal and child support.

Secondary issues are things like communication styles, parenting methods, missed expectations past wounds and current wants.

Mediation is a joint problem solving experience - it is not a Court of Law

The idea behind mediation is to find solutions that work best for the both of you. What a Court would do, is pretty much irrelevant. Yes, if you don’t come to resolution in mediation, you may end up in Court, but you are in control of the process in mediation.

Mediation is a confidential process.