WE CAN SHOW YOU THE WAY                             DEALING WITH THE FINANCIAL NOW                               

Separation and Divorce vaporizes -

           YOUR FINANCES

How you decide to

handle the reality of your new

situation will determine how you weather the storm

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Financial Freedom is a path of Choice & Practice

Money & Life Coach

Mary Patsel

4415 Harrison Street N.W.

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A Separation or Divorce causes us to stop and look at our current financial situation and evaluate what lifestyle adjustments need to be made. In a Money and Life Coach session we look at your challenges, established priorities, and set workable goals to create your plan to reach financial security, stability and growth.

Your financial freedom will come from a path of choice and practice. When you start on your path,

the most important questions that need to be answered are :        

  1. -  How much income is coming in? Alimony is taxable.

  2. -  What is the liquidity of your assets?

  3. -  What are your expenses now?

  4. -  What expenses can be cut?

  5. -  How much debt is there?

  6. -  What will your credit rating be after the divorce?

  7. -  What is your discretionary spending?

  8. -  What can I put away in savings for the month(s) after the


  1. -  Do you have to open up new bank accounts and close old joint


  1. -  How can you stay on track with your finances?

  2. -  How do you build a tractable budget?

The most common mistake made post-divorce is the failure to budget based on one’s NEW lifestyle realities.

Let me draw the road map for your path to financial freedom.