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Controlling to Flowing

When you are considering a separation / divorce you are in the middle of a life style change. Managing your finances with grace and ease can be challenging.  There is a great need to look at spending patterns.  It’s time for a plan, take the time to sit down and put your expenses on paper.  If you will create a plan and live by it, you will begin to thrive in your new life.

What is your pattern of spending?  Are you spending to manage your stress?    Do you stop by the grocery store or Target 3 or 4 times a week?  Are you eating out 2-4 times a week?  Are you stopping for that latte routinely?  You keep telling yourself I am only spending $5.  Have you added that $5 per day expense into your budget?  It now becomes a line item in your plan? Let’s do the math $5 per day x 4 times per week = $20 per week and now your monthly budget for this “small” item is now a $86 per month expense.   Make sure you have included this expense in your plan.  With the increase in basics i.e., gas, utilities and groceries, can you really afford this and what will you have to do without in order to afford it.  If this item is important to you, can you afford it one time per week?  You may need help to see your patterns and how best to manage the change. 

Downshifting your spending in one area will help you manage to stay debt free.  When you are debt free you have so many more choices in life.  If you can’t afford an item this month how will you afford it next month?  What life circumstance is going to change?  Will you be getting a bonus or gift and if so can you wait until you have the money in hand.  Sit down and create a plan where this extra money will go.

It is advised by ‘Debtors Anonymous’ that any gift or bonus income should be divided into three parts.  One third is to pay old debt, one third is to pay for something that is needed now and one third is to go into savings.  With this plan you are taking care of the Past, Present and Future.