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Separation and Divorce impacts -


How you as parents

are able to  manage yourselves

will determine how they weather the storm

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Have you noticed changes n your child or teenagers behavior?

The following is a list of “warning signs” that your child or teenager may benefit from counseling.

  1.   Disturbances in sleep habits (sleeping a lot of not being able to sleep)

  1.   Withdrawn

  1.   Appears sad/depressed

  1.   Blames themselves for your break up

  1.   Eating changes

  1.   Difficulties at school

  1.   Trying to bring the parents back together

  1.   Starts to act like the  "perfect" child

Please remember that you know your child best. If you have notices changes in their overall mood or behavior consider consulting with our team of mental health professionals to determine if your child or teenager would benefit from therapy.