Helping your Children Cope with Divorce

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Separation and Divorce impacts -


How you as parents

are able to manage yourselves

will determine how they weather the storm

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Children want to be loved, listened to, and heard.

It is important to recognize that the separation and divorce can impact your child in a variety of ways. Although reactions will depend on your child’s age, temperament and the circumstances surrounding the split, your children may feel sad, frustrated, angry and anxious......

Divorce is stressful for children and adults alike. As a parent, it’s normal to feel uncertain about how to give your children the right support through your separation or divorce.

and it is not uncommon for them to act out

as a result of these feelings

It is normal for children to feel scared, confused, upset, or blame them selves.  A child therapist can help your child work these difficulties.

As a parent there are things you can do to successfully navigate this unsettling time and help your child emerge feeling Loved, Confident, and Strong.

Common questions that may arise from your child.

-  If you stopped loving mom or dad, does that mean you will stop loving me?

-  What will happen to me?

  1. - Why are you getting divorced?

  2. -

A child therapist can help your child work these difficulties.

Here are two things you can do now to help your children cope with the upset of a divorce.

  1. - Learn what and how to tell your children.

  2. - Recognize the red flags and when to seek additional help.