Divorce is hard on adolescents

WE CAN SHOW YOU THE WAY                               ADOLESCENT HELP                                

Separation and Divorce impacts -


How you as parents

are able to  manage yourselves

will determine how they weather the storm

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Supporting your Teenager during Divorce

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Teenager responses to their parents separation or divorce vary. They express anger, sadness, or no reaction at all. Knowing the warning signs is key to early intervention.

 It’s not uncommon for your teenager to make statements like

“You’re ruining my life” or

“How can you do this to me”

Your teenager may try to make you feel guilty or call you “selfish” or “inconsiderate”. They often try to take “sides” with one parent or the other in an attempt to control their situation. During a time when teenagers are working towards their own growth and independence, a change in family dynamics can be hard.

Having someone to talk to about these changes other than you (parents) is important for a teenager. A therapist provides a safe place and opportunity for them to explore their feelings, hurts, or fears without being judged.

Teens have many questions about why therapy can help during a divorce.